What is PPC advertising?

In the sphere of search engine marketing you have two choices:

Work to get your content to page 1 search (organic placement) earned through top quality content and backlinks from high-quality websites, thatch how you earn top 1 spot.

Or buy advertising on both search engines – Google and Bing, and you pay for every click of your ads, Pay per click. Until your organic content earns a page 1 rating, PPC is necessary, once you’ve earned your page 1 ranking, now you use the PPC to complement the organic SEO.

If your average place is 2.5 on organic search, you don’t need to do Ppc on that search keyword.

The Problem with PPC Marketing?

Until you’ve learned how it can be VERY expensive. Let’s say you budget $500/day, and those clicks cost you $25, = 20 people to whatever page you’re sending them to…

What if you have a poorly converting page that doesn’t convert (1 out of 20) costs you $500/lead, you’ll go broke at $500/lead!

That’s why doing research on other people’s ads, or you pay someone to do the search for you, will burn through your budget, because it’s a learning curve, you will want to have a good ad.

How do You know If It’s a Successful Ad?

They wouldn’t have a large campaign month after month if they weren’t performing.

Performing = the ad is attractive enough with a call-to-action, gets people to click to a page that they expect, and gets them to take an action, usually, it’s capturing the contact into the sales funnel.

Why Invest in Pay-Per-Click VS SEO?

Pay per click is instant, you will pay for every single click ongoing, which is not your desire.

Organic SEO Free, you don’t pay for every click, it takes time, so there is an investment in organic placement. (Backlinks, content, time.)

Invest in PPC so you can get traffic to your website, as the traffic comes, and your organic is going up, scale back on PPC and reallocate that to organic.

If you’re on page 3, instead of continuing PPC, you might focus on organic SEO and backlinking.

You’ll need to run separate campaigns for each loan you offer and include a city in the ad specifically.

These are all things that our ad managers know and are Google Adwords certified.

With either strategy: The click takes a person to a page, if the page performs well, that person takes the action, if the person doesn’t take the intended action, you are wasting money!

You need to know what’s performing and what landing pages are converting, this is what you’ll pay for.

How do you spy on your competitors’ ads to find out what’s working?

By using a tool like Spyfu, you can research the best performing ads in your market for the keyword search “home loans”. You should then design the ads not by guessing, but by emulating successful ads. After this, you can use Spyfu to determine the budget needed to obtain a top advertising position on the first page. This is your roadmap to success!

Use can choose if you want to buy leads from Google Adwords or Bing Ads. The average cost per lead for “home loans” is $45/per click.

So you don’t waste a ton of money, you’ll want to test couple-few ads before going all-in with your whole campaign launch.

Another strategy for a quick response in rankings is to launch PPC campaigns while you are working on citations, directories, and optimized content, you can purchase your popularity. With Pay-per-click ads, you can measure how much traffic you’re getting and how well it performs. For example – if you have a lot of bounces (people hitting your site and then immediately clicking out) indicates that people didn’t find what they expected or what they were looking for. This is a tool to perfect your sales page and customer experience to further increase conversions on your website.

Think of your website as your 24/7 sales assistant that never takes a vacation, ask for a raise, or leaves you to become your competitor, if you invest the money and time to ensure that it accomplishes the goals you have. If the goal is to get a name, phone and email, make sure your landing page(s) achieves this objective and if you need your clients to enter a form to further pre-qualify them, you would want to make sure and test for efficiency on all devices and browsers and a successful experience for your customer.

Studies show that long copy for landing pages with complex offers performs better, you should address the benefits, concerns, values, and your unique value proposition, and a good call-to-action.

What are available PPC services?

  • Google Ads Management
  • Bing Ads Management
  • Google Local Services Ads Management
  • Youtube Advertising
  • Display Ads Advertising
  • NextDoor Advertising
  • Social Media Campaigns

Try our PPC Management services.

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