We can write engaging content pages for your website, it should attract your audience, get their attention and get them to buy from you. It should also be optimized to rank high in search results.

You can use this content on your home page, service pages, product descriptions, or a landing page that you need to be created.

We create content that converts, designed to increase leads and millions of dollars worth of sales. Our writers are trained to draw in the reader and accurately describe your products and services in an engaging way encouraging them to complete the desired action.

You’ll likely want to add on our optimization service to make sure your on-page SEO is on-point. 

This service offers headers, meta descriptions, SEO titles and we create all the meta-data that you’ll need. 

Home Page Copy

This is the first thing people see, it will leave an impression and will tell your customers what you’re all about. Let’s start to guide them to the right items on your site. 

About Pages

Let us write your about page to give all potential clients confidence that you can meet their needs.

Service Sales Copy Page

You’ll need a page on your site for every service that you offer, we can help write these pages with you to attract your target customer and explain the features and benefits of your service, driving them to a sale.

Local Service Page Copy

You need a page o your site for every location you want to serve even if you don’t have a physical location there, we help you write these local pages to attract your target customer, explain the features and benefits driving them to a sale. 

Product Description Copy 

You need a page on your site for the products you offer or sell. We write individual product descriptions attracting your target client and explain your features and benefits driving them to a sale.

How Does it Work?

Decide how many pages you want to write and how many words for each page. Then give us some details about the content you want us to create. Our expert writing team will write your high-quality compelling copy custom for you and SEO optimized. 

You get to review all the content we write for you and we offer unlimited revisions at no additional cost to make sure you’re satisfied. 

Web Copy and Optimization

The pricing starts at $120 for 1 page up to 150 words this includes Web Copy plus Optimization, you get a report with a detailed breakdown of the SEO enhanced copy. 

Web Copy Only

The pricing starts at 1 page up to 150 words with no keyword research is $60. If you want us to optimize your page only with keyword research, create title tags, and basic optimization, the price is $60. 

You can purchase from 1-100 pages per order and 150 to 2000 words. 

We can write the new copy or optimize your existing content, or we can do both!

The price for optimizing your content only is $60 per page flat rate.

Web copy only is

  • $60 for 150 words
  • $120 for 300 words
  • $200 for 500 words
  • $400 for 1000 words
  • $600 for 1500 words
  • $800 for 2000 words

Writing the Copy and optimizing is

  • $120 for 150 words
  • $180 for 300 words
  • $260 for 500 words
  • $460 for 1000 words
  • $660 for 1500 words

$860 for 2000 words

On-Page Page Optimization

We will optimize your home page. A common mistake is trying to optimize your homepage for all of your keywords.

We don’t recommend this because you should have lots of individual pages that describe your services, also it’s difficult to rank 1 for all of your keywords, by creating separate pages that are optimized it’ll cause your whole site to rise faster. We can optimize each page for a $60 flat rate.

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