By using in-content, contextual links on your site you build a base of authority to your site which creates a diverse link profile and looks natural to the search engines.

We get your website started with diverse foundational links to set you up for success.

“They say to build your home on a strong and firm foundation.”

Natural Link Building

After we create the mini-authority properties on blogging platforms that link back to your site, we hand over the login details to these properties so you have full control over your links!

Anchor Text Diversification

Keeping your anchor text diverse is an important component of a successful strategy. We help you diversify your anchor text profile with natural keywords. 

Original Content

Our writers are experts at creating original relevant content on your subject matter. You can choose either a blogger or professional level of content that is 100% Copyscape approved.

Building links is a long-term endeavor, it never goes away, let us handle this boring mundane, but essential task for you.

How Does it Work?

Simply send us your URLs and anchor text that you’d like us to build links to. We then work behind the scenes writing relevant content and building backlinks to your site. We then provide a report of your results. 

You can 3 URLs and 2 or up to 5 anchors per URL. You’ll gain approximately 6, 32, or 48 authority site links. The packages come with 3-8 top-level blogs with at least 1 blog post, up to 3 articles for each 8 top-level blog.

Pricing starts at $120 Blogger quality for 3 URLs, 2 anchors per URL and 6 authority site links, 3 top-level blogs with 1 post each. Professional quality is $197.

Link Audits 

Audit of your backlink profile before Google does it

  • Analyze your links to determine which are helping or helping you
  • Recieve a disavow file so you can tell Google which links to ignore. 
  • Boost your rankings by having a clean link profile
  • Get an explainer video pointing out what to do in the future. 

Keep your link profile clean to keep your system running as clean and efficiently as possible like servicing your vehicle. 

 We identify and remove links that are harming you

If you unknowingly have a lot of spammy and crap links pointing to your profile, you could get a Google Manual Action for Unnatural Inbound Links Penalty

If you already have a penalty, we can help with that too.

We have a 100% success rate. We’ll get the penalty removed or you’ll get 100% of your money back.

  • $697 – Link Audit – Popular package for medium-sized businesses. You get link analysis, disavow file, explainer video, up to 1000 referring domains as per ahrefs
  • $1997 – Most popular for medium to large business. Guaranteed penalty removal, up to 1000 referring domains as per ahrefs

Link Inserting Outreach – Build links in aged articles, delivered through 100% manual outreach.

  • No hacked links – all links are acquired through outreach 
  • Custom campaign –  a campaign is created for your site from scratch
  • You select your anchor text
  • Turnaround time from 4-6 weeks. – typically  delivered within 1 month
  • Live campaign updates
  • Links placements are real and guaranteed to last 1 year
  • All links are do-follow links, if something happens to the link, we’ll replace it with a comparable link.


DR 20+  $277 / per link (10x links)

  • 100% manual outreach
  • No hacked links
  • Custom campaign  total campaign Price $2,770

DR 45+  $297 / per link (10x links) total campaign Price $2,970

DR 60+ $397 / per link (10x links) total campaign Price $3,970

Our guarantee – Domains have minimum monthly traffic of 1000 or get the link for free. (We use ahrefs) 

Links won’t be placed in sites that are already linking to your domain. 

  • You can preselect your anchor text
  • Turnaround time is from 4-6 weeks – typically campaigns are delivered within a month
  • Live campaign updates via online documents

Blast Your Secondary Properties

If you want to add some extra link juice to your money site with no monthly subscriptions, use our blast product. We have a network of publishers that allow us to place your secondary properties links in their sidebar, sending a powerful homepage link to them.

How Does it Work?

Give us your keywords, we’ll contact the publishers and place the links on their sites, then provide a report of our results.

The prices start at $450 for 5 links, homepage, sidebar. $800 for 10 links, homepage, sidebar, $1275 for 20 links, homepage, sidebar. 

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