We help you maintain control of your reviews; we place widgets on your website or email signature passively collect reviews for you. If someone plans to leave a negative review, we mediate that review and outreach to the customer and hopefully change their plan to leave a negative review. 

If negative reviews exist, we write / press releases about you and post those, which drives down the negative reviews. Our service identifies reviews across all platforms and displays positive ones. $397 + 97 one-time set-up 

Did you know that even though your client reaches your website via search, mobile or social media and likes your offers, they will still research you and read your customer reviews? 

Potential clients make decisions about you without your influence by reading customer reviews; ensure you acquire and promote visible positive reviews. 

We offer a solution: Signature Marketing Reviews Booster Kit; we can place our widget on your page with a call to action, prompting for reviews, and showing your reviews. 

Pro Tip: A thank-you email after closing can contain the widget link asking for a review. 

Review Sources – Over 50+ review sources like Home Advisor, BBB, and Yelp. 

You can add any review sites that you want with unlimited reviews. 

  • Can automate sharing to Facebook and Twitter which allows you to exclude 1, 2, or 3 stars. 
  • Past customers who have NOT left a review can be prompted to leave a review by putting together a spreadsheet (CSV) of your past clients and uploading it. We can then set up a campaign for them to leave a review about you. 
  • The software will send a pre-loaded, easy to customize, 3-day drip campaign. 

If the review is positive (4 or 5), the software will ask the reviewer if they want to post it to their Facebook and/or Twitter, which is an awesome and easy way to turn positive feedback into content for your business. 

We can set up regular reports to be delivered weekly, monthly, or daily if needed. 

If the review is negative (1,2 or 3), the reviewer is hit with a popup that asks that they clarify their issue with you privately and allows you to change their minds, which could result in a positive 4 or 5 rating. 

If you don’t want the widget on your site, we can create a custom landing page with any review sites that you want on it, and you can post this link anywhere; it urges them to leave a review on selected sites like Google, Facebook. 

By increasing your review score across multiple sites, you’ll raise your online reputation and cause your potential clients to contact you about financing because they’ll trust you. 

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