Your reputation is your most important asset when you’re a small business owner. Reviews can make or break a business, and reviews can cause customers who are skeptical about your company to make decisions based on what they read about you. Direct the conversation, gain control of your reputation, and own it! 

What pops up when someone looks you up on Google or Bing? What will people find when they search for your company? 

Would you know if someone left a really bad review about you on a popular site that you don’t visit but gets thousands or millions of views? 

Your reputation as a professional is held to the highest standards online. 

Since it’s likely going to be a person’s greatest purchase in their lifetime, I’m sure they will shop you around and compare insurance companies until they sign the final paperwork. 

We know where to publish articles so that our new content will show up higher than the existing negative reviews or content. 

Detailed Reports after a Deep Dive Audit 

We perform a detailed audit that highlights 8 areas: 

  1. Links and Website Authority Report – Per your preferred keywords, we find out where you rank against your top nearby competitors. We identify this competition and show you where they appear – Google, Google Maps, Google Mobile, Bing, and Bing Local. We break down what companies are in the Local 3-Pak. 
  2. Google Rankings by position Report – We plug-in your keywords, then we find out where you stand, and we send reports of your progress. We monitor Google, Google Maps, Google Mobile, Bing, and Bing Local. We deliver a report of your current backlink profile, on-page SEO including your page speed on all pages, errors on pages, internal links, your titles, descriptions, tags, mobile-friendliness, with instructions to fix it. 
  3. Reputation Review Report – We gather which review sites you’re on currently, and what sites you’re not. We identify which sites your competitors are on and prepare a report that we can take action on. 
  4. Citation Report – You need to make sure your NAP (Business Name, Address, Phone) is correct on all websites and matches your Google My Business listed info. Sites like Bing, Yelp, BBB, Yahoo! Local and Yellow Pages, we’ve identified over 30 of these key sites and over 70 sites that your competitors may be found, and you should be there too! 
  5. Google My Business Audit Report – We find out what your NAP looks like and correct it, it reveals insights about your customers that hit your site, how many times people called your phone number, also how customers search for your business and where they find your business (search or maps). We identify the top 10 competitors including the coveted Local 3-Pak and compare them to your profile, we show you how they rank in their GMB profiles and we seize the opportunity when we find it. Searches like “life insurance Los Angeles” “life insurance near me” or “life insurance agent in Malibu” 
  6. Google Analytics Report – When you provide your Google Analytics account, we analyze the traffic, keyword searches, referral sites, stats about mobile users, create, and track goals. 
  7. Facebook Report – Track your reach, how many engaged users you have, Likes, Check-ins, Page views, and click-through rates. 
  8. Twitter Report – Track your follower growth, Tweet rates, Retweets, Mentions, and Likes. 

If your details change including location, phone number, website, or anything, we can easily update everything for you. We keep a list of your products, services, social profile links, contact details, a summary about your business, your logo, and up to 3 location photos to highlight. 

This puts your company in the driver’s seat of your reputation! 

Did you know there are over 300 social sites that you can post your business profile on? 

You better get to it before someone else does! Own your business name! 

We will manually setup the 300 social sites over a 3-week delivery period for you. 

By setting up these profiles, you claim your brand before someone else does, also it improves your reputation online. 

When people search for you to make a buying decision, you want to control the conversation. We’ll go in and select the top 8 profiles and fully complete them with special details about you like what your unique programs are, or States you are licensed in, certifications or press mentions, and optimize them for you. 

Refresh and Review 

We perform a review and refresh of your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook profiles. 

After completing your account, we will “professionally answer” trending questions people are asking on Quora. 

When you start answering questions on Quora about housing, financing, credit, etc. and your profile is complete with rich data, Google recognizes this and starts to present your website in the search results. 

When you click more, you see all the links to his other properties, this is what we’ll do for you on 8 top profiles! 

Social Proof 

Since Google and Bing are not only looking for link building and SEO, we send some social signals and shares to your 8 top profiles. These include Pinterest pins to popular boards, Facebook likes, shares and comments, LinkedIn shares, Reddit posts, Twitter engagement, we do this to boost the authority of those sites and get you more search love! 

This simultaneously grows your social media authority by increasing your rankings and resulting in more applications and funded loans.  

We then submit your social share links to get indexed by Google and Bing. 

Press Releases 

We get you featured on over 400+ top news sites like FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC! We craft a story, write a professional press release article. 

It pays to put your business out there and sends signals to Google that your business is legit! 

Not to mention, people will be searching for your business by name, and by syndicating a story about your company, you create high-quality backlinks to your site, this is the currency you need  to get noticed in the search results and climb into the desirable Local 3-Pak. 

Your clients will be impressed when they research you and read such good content about your company, this results in trust in your business and increased loan applications! 

When your press releases get picked up, Google associates your brand with the authority of the sites that post your release, all of this will flow back to your website, and once you reach page 1, encourages visitors to contact you. 

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