After you set up your future with the Reputation Management Foundations Kit we can’t stop there if you want to stay on top of your online reputation. 

You will need to continue working on your reputation, choose this package on a monthly or regular basis until you get into the Google 3-Pak. 

This is also a good strategy to keep a positive flow of P.R. being published about you and your business. 

You reinforce your authority to the search engines and protect your reputation at the same time. 

The best way to get rid of negative press, or negative reviews, is to push them down with new content on high-authority, high-ranking websites. 

One of those strategies we use is writing and syndicating a Press Release. 

We create a story (we find any reason for our clients) example could be something like “VidaLife helps Millennial Hispanics Find the Best Insurance Rate, gets 5-star review”, and get it published with our network of editors and bloggers. 

If we continue to do this monthly or regularly, we can take control of the conversation about you and the perception of your business. 

We get you featured on over 400+ top news sites like FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC by crafting a unique, interesting, and engaging story, write a professional press release article. 

It pays to invest in your public relations and sends signals to Google that your business is legit! 

Not to mention, people will be searching for your business by name, and by syndicating a story about your company, you create high-quality backlinks to your site, this is the currency you need to get noticed in the search results and climb into the desirable Google Local 3-Pak. 

Your clients will be impressed when they research you and find great content about your company, this results in trust in your business and increased new policies! 

When your press releases get picked up, Google associates your brand with the authority of the sites that post your release, all of this will flow back to your website, since the news sites rank high, anytime someone searches for you, you’ll show up on those sites too! 

Added Bonus: Anytime you get a really positive review, you can then use it as a quote in your press release! 

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