We complete 30 local business directories for you and add up to 10 photos each on 3 different photo-sharing sites, and you’ll get 5 videos submitted to video-sharing sites.

business directory

We perform a comprehensive audit to discover what local citations and completed business listings that you may have existing. This is important to make sure all your company information is listed on all the directories online with the correct information.

We’ll find all the variations of your business name, address, phone number, email, website address, etc. then we deliver a report on which ones are harming you. We also show you which ones are correct and help you.

We also have connections to the major aggregators that we can submit your listing to and will include your business in their group of high authority directories.

We submit you to the most popular traffic dense authority sites first, then we submit you to industry-specific directories, then we scrape the reviews of competitors to find new directories to post on. By having these citations, you are sending signals to Google that you are trustworthy and will increase your rankings in maps and the local 3-pack.


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