should lenders use remarketing ads

If you’re a business owner that wants to connect with more clients, this article is for you!

If you’re like many businesses, you still rely on old-school advertising methods and probably paying too much for services that aren’t trackable. 

Can we tell you about a strategy used by small businesses to get the most for their money? 

Keep reading as we teach you a few tips.

The Old Way of Finding Customers

In the past, we might focus on word-of-mouth, billboards, direct mail, and in-person events and conferences. 

direct mail is old marketing

It’s difficult to target your customer with these methods, and it’s even harder to track! It’s impossible. 

Advertising like commercials and billboards are costly, and even though they can dial into specific demographics, how about we discuss breaking into digital advertising? 

What are some Advantages? 

These methods will get you in front of new customers today who want your services and are cost-effective and easily scaled with your budget. 

Using Google Ads, we write ads based on your specific loan products and target customers, and once approved, searchers will see the ads immediately. These ads appear at the top of the page and are labeled “ad.” 

What Are Reasons To Use Digital Ads?

Using digital ads allows you to set a budget and stay on track with that budget. You can maintain control with the Google Ad Manager, giving you the power to focus on your local communities in your primary markets. 

These ads are the best way to get your business in front of new eyes actively searching for loans and mortgage lenders. 

Google Ad Manager provides transparency into what’s working and producing leads and what’s not. 

Is this interesting to you? 

Let’s imagine that you have dabbled with some social media advertising, boosting posts, or the like, which is a good start. 

The significant part of our Google Ads Retargeting campaigns is that we focus on the visitors from your website, meaning they are already interested in your service and products, making it easier to sell them.

How Does This work? 

You’ve probably heard that it’s an auction system, and you’re bidding against other businesses on keywords that people search for when looking for loans and lending professionals. You want to appear when people search for lenders near me, mortgage lenders near me, hard money loan city name.”

Many keyword searches will deliver your ad to the right people, and because they are searching RIGHT NOW, it means they want to make a decision! When people see your ad and visit your site, we will continue to remarket to them for the next 30 days if they haven’t made a decision.

Very simple to grow your business!

What Are The Benefits of Paid Advertising?

  • Compliments other forms of marketing like social media marketing.
  • You can stop and start campaigns easily and quickly.
  • Running ads generates data that you can use to make informed decisions.
  • Remain in control of your ad copy, budget, and keywords.
  • You get more leads and conversions!

Our team works with you to optimize your campaign after identifying your goals. We can build campaigns that help you get more: applications via landing pages, phone calls, or website visits. 


Hopefully, after hearing this information, you’ll be more interested to see how ads can help your business. 

These ads work for local, national, and international businesses; if you want to expand nationally.

Besides setting up Google ads, we can increase conversions by setting up customized landing pages. 

Our reports are detailed and provide a ton of data for the business owner. 

Give us a call if you want to discuss your business goals.

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