The perfect starter package for most businesses. This will provide a solid foundation. There is a one-time service fee.

The perfect starter package for most businesses. This will provide a solid foundation. There is a one-time service fee. 

More than 60% of all financial transactions begin with a search on Google or Bing. The only aspect of these searches that levels the playing field for the small business owner or. The paid ad space and all other search listings are dominated by the Big Dogs. They have the deep pockets, and they’re in it to win it. 

The 3-pack (on Bing it’s a 5-pack) is a prevalent feature on all local searches on Google. You’ve seen it and used it, even if you didn’t realize what it is. It’s where Google and Bing show the businesses they feel are most qualified to help the person doing the search. 

The 3-pack shows up when people do a search like: 

  • best ________ near me 
  • ____________in Los Angeles 
  • _________ no credit phoenix az 

The businesses in the 3-pack get free leads from thousands of different searches like the one above. Google is making their phone ring off the hook… for FREE! 

If your business isn’t in the Google 3-pack – or at least at the top of the next page of map listings – you and your business are invisible. 

So, what’s the secret? How do business owners get in the 3-pak? 

There’s no silver bullet. There is no guarantee. Only Google controls who shows in the 3-pack. But, there are steps you can take to make Google recognize your business as a top contender. 

It all starts with helping Google understand the business you’re in and where your business is located. This is accomplished through a properly configured Google My Business (GMB) page and get your business listed on dozens of business listing sites, like These listing pages contain what we call NAP (name, address, and phone number) citations , and the more the merrier. 

Google also needs to see that you talk about your business in the area where your business is located, as well as surrounding neighborhoods. There’s a limit to this, however, as Google considers local about as far as someone would drive to go shopping. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Google also likes to see other websites linking to you in an article on a highly related topic. As you can imagine, reaching out to bloggers you don’t know to pitch article ideas is very time-consuming. 

  1. A Proper Google My Business Page 
  2. 50 Business Listing Citations 
  3. A Location-Oriented Loan Products Page for Your Website That’s Properly Written to Get Noticed on Top Local Searches 
  4. 3 Links to Your Products or Services Page from High-Quality Blogs 
  5. Free Monitoring of Your Website’s Local Search Results for 90 Days 

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