Should Small Business Owners Invest in Marketing During a Down Economy?

Let’s face it, the economy is in a slump and it’s going to take time to come back. But, just as with the Great Recession in 2008, savvy investors realize that now is the right time to push forward. How can you take advantage of the opportunities to come? One way is to up your online game by improving your search presence. There are many ways to market your mortgage, investment, or real estate business, but using SEO to rank highly in search engines, like Google and Bing, is one of the most powerful, highest ROI ways to get more leads and sales. So what is SEO, why is it… Read More

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What is Search Marketing, and Why do Mortgage Lenders Need it

What is Search Marketing, and Why do Small Business Owners Need it?

What is Search Marketing? Search Engine Marketing is getting your business in front of people when they type in a certain keyword like “home loan” or “mortgage lender near me”. Search Marketing is a broader strategy that combines paid search tactics and SEO strategy, if you decide to provide a budget for the Google or Bing ads, and launch ads, that’s PPC, but when you pay money to boost your site using on-page optimization specifically meaning writing and posting proper targeted keyword-rich content. What does SEO Include? Using selective keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions, heading tags, and alt text. Optimizing your page sites’ load speed Diverse and quality… Read More

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