What is Local Search, and Why Should it Matter to Small Business Owners?

Did you know that to Google or Bing, your business is considered a “local business”? And in this context local meaning within a reasonable driving distance. Most business owners consider their business to be national, but Google cares about the person searching, so you are bound by the radius of your business address. Your address is going to dictate what calls you get from Google. You should choose wisely where you position your office! Every small or multi-location business can grow using these local SEO strategies. We’ll explain what local search optimization is and why Signature Marketing can help improve the prominence of your website. What is Local SEO Marketing?… Read More

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How Can Mortgage Lenders Expand into Multiple Markets Virtually

How Can Business Owners Expand into Multiple Markets Virtually?

DID YOU KNOW Google views your business as a local business? You will be assigned a radius wherever you register your Google My Business; this is your “local market.” If you are physically located in Los Angeles, how do you get calls from customers in Newport Beach or La Jolla? Expand your business across the state or into a new state using virtual offices. We locate the best locations for every market after researching tools to be seen by the preferred local audience.   If you want to prove to Google that you do business, you will need a believable address that receives mail, phone calls, forwarding, conference rooms, etc.… Read More

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