This creates an all-around massive exposure for your company, website, and brand. You can continue to boost your site monthly to add additional backlinks and authority to your site. 

Social shares will be added to boost all guest posts and blog posts. 

In order to get into the Google Local 3-Pak, you need to prove to the search engines that you’re legitimate and trustworthy. This is your monthly reload kit that will get you into those sought-after spots that will get you years’ worth of free traffic and love from Google and Bing. 

To achieve this, you’ll need a diverse profile of natural high domain authority (DA) backlinks to link back to your site. 

These will help you boost your rankings and bring traffic to your site. With our guest posts, we do all the outreach work, which is very manual and tedious, includes: 

  • Research and identify the best blogs that allow guest posts in the Hispanic/life insurance/finance niche. 
  • Email back and forth with them. Negotiate the terms of the post on 3 mid-range sites (DA-30) 
  • We then research the keywords and write a professional 1,000 word unique and interesting blog article that we have posted on your behalf. 
  • The backlinks from all 3 guest posts link back to your website! 
  • These aren’t the spammy cheap links you’ve heard about. 

We know that if you want to build a strong house, you must start with a firm foundation and build the house with quality materials or it won’t stand the test of time. 

Syndication Strategy 

After the guest posts have been delivered and Google and Bing have indexed the posts, we’ll see what post shows up higher in the search results and we’ll boost it with the syndication of your top guest post to 100+ high authority news sites like ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX. 

We make sure to include a call-to-action in the blog posts with a link back to your website for referral traffic! 

This is the exact success strategy used by Fortune 500 companies, by constantly building our relationships with major publishers, we make them available to you so you can compete with the biggest competitors in your market. 

You’ll get a report with all the URLs of the websites that picked up your syndicated guest post, you can then share these on your social media and show off your content to your audience! 

You get 100+ high-powered backlinks to your site which further sends signals to you are in good company. 

Using the analogy “you are who you hang around” when you associate yourself with top media sites that have high domain authority, you skyrocket your site up the search results and finally get the top positions on page 1 that you crave from the search engines. 

Social Proof 

Since Google and Bing are not only looking for link building and SEO, we send some social engagement signals and shares to your syndicated guest. These include Pinterest pins to popular boards, Facebook likes, shares and comments, LinkedIn shares, Reddit posts, Twitter engagement, we do this to boost the authority of those sites and get you more search love! 

This simultaneously grows your social media authority by increasing your rankings and resulting in more applications and funded loans. 

We then submit your social share links to get indexed by Google and Bing. 

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